What We Do


BEINIT Gas is a recently formed subsidiary of BEINIT Energy developing Gas to Liquid and Gas to Power Systems.

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BEINIT Gas offer a full range of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction management services for Gas to Power and Gas to Liquid systems that convert natural gas and other hydrocarbon feedstocks directly into high-quality gasoline or methanol. The process produced value-added light synthetic crude oil from natural gas, associated gas, as well as from biomass and coal. By utilising the breakthrough Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis technology, synthetic crude can be produced with zero sulphur, aromatics and asphaltenes, providing an environmentally friendly solution that offers an alternative to traditional petroleum resources. In order to execute these systems, we engage in a variety of in-house services from project management, multi-disciplinary engineering, procurement, constructibility and systems completion to commissioning. Whether it be Flare Gas Monetisation, Gas Sweetening, Self Contained ESP Solutions or Virtual Gas Pipelines, the experience within our delivery teams is accustomed to embracing the toughest challenges to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions. We are solution driven with a wealth of expertise to overcome such technical and commercial challenges to help our clients deliver results safely.

BEINIT Gas recently acquired a stake in Cleanstream Technologies. This acquisition grants exclusivity over MENA territory to use patented nano chemistry materials that neutralises toxic vapours emissions including hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. The state of the art materials provides unique opportunities for gas sweetening solutions. It also has complete neutralisation of H2S in waste/flared/stranded and production gas to:

  • Meet international and national environmental standards;
  • Eliminate lethal toxic hazards from sites, – improving safety;
  • Monetise gas;
  • Eliminate flaring – required under the Zero Routine Flaring Gas by 2030 – adopted internationally;
  • Provide local power solutions:
    • For ESPs;
    • Injection pumps and compressors


We work closely with selected partners, clients and suppliers to develop sustainable and environmentally efficient solutions in line with prescribed scope parameters, on schedule and within budget. Efficiencies in design, constructability and operation remain key from conceptual design through FATs to construction ready gates. As part of our business promise we work hard to deliver: Safe and cost effective constructability and operability from conceptual design through FEED and detailed design; new assets that are future-proofed for any field developments at a later stage; a streamlined process to assess and mitigate all risks and benefits in maintenance programs to optimize OPEX; seamless transition between delivery phases; lessons learned on asset integrity management to optimize CAPEX and reduce OPEX.