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BEINIT Energy is proud to be part of the global effort to back carbon reduction.

BEINIT Energy is proud to part of the global effort to back carbon reduction. The renewables sector is growing every year and it is driven by multi-nation carbon reduction commitments which are upheld by government incentives and acceleration schemes, particularly in Northern Europe and more recently in the Far East. The UK maintains a leading role through the introduction of the Renewables Obligation Commitment (ROCs) scheme and, in the case of offshore wind, the leasing of the sea bed to developers. This, combined with the emerging regime for the transmission of power to shore and the potential for an offshore power network, provides engineering challenges on the same scale as the North Sea hydrocarbon boom in the ‘70s and ‘80s. The offshore renewables sector has the potential to provide a significant contribution to Europe’s energy security and emissions reduction challenges.

Northern Europe, and the UK in particular, has a long coastline and some of the best wind, wave and tidal energy resources in the world. The sector not only provides clean energy on a significant scale, but is also a valuable technology export offering to the rest of the world. The UK has over 1.3GW of installed capacity of offshore wind – more than the rest of the world put together. Through the Crown Estate leasing process, a further 47GW is in the development pipeline. Across Europe, over 100GW of projects are under consideration with the potential to supply 10% of Europe’s electricity. The offshore wind sector is rapidly moving from commercial demonstration to full scale industrialisation, with power station scale projects now under construction in deeper water and further offshore than ever before. The wave and tidal energy sectors remain in the technology development stage, but with increased ROC funding, Crown Estate leasing rounds and the Saltire Prize, the stage is set for rapid acceleration into commercial reality.


Puerto Rico Micro Grid

BEINIT Energy has formed a JV, IBD Energy, with its Omani partners IBD Group Oman, to exclusively serve the electricity demand at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, for twenty years with two ten-year extensions, granted by the Microgrid Management Agreement (MMA) with the Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA). The electricity load is set to grow to 20MW within 5 years and further to 100MW over the life of the contract.