We work hard to retain the best people.

How We Work

Core values are at the heart of our business because they define who we are, how we work.

Safety is our foremost core value. Our collective goal is to eliminate all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and incidents of environmental harm from our operations. In doing so, we strive to achieve a work place where nobody gets hurt and everyone gets to go home safe and well. Our values inspire our actions and confirm that safety is core to how we operate. Our Work Safe, Live Safe Rules guide the behavior of our operations and the people running them. The lives of our people and the people we work with depend on our safety performance. We provide all of our people with the training, knowledge and tools to work safely. More and more we share our training and safety awareness in the communities in which we work. We are focused on ensuring we design-in safety on the projects we undertake and drive this philosophy through construction, operations and maintainance. We are committed to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and preventing environmental pollution.

People are the heart of our business. We are professional, high performing team players focused on exceeding our customer’s expectations. We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people, treating each other with honesty, compassion and respect. We create a stimulating, fun and open work culture that promotes personal development and work/life balance, rewards competitively and celebrates success. Our business depends on healthy relationships with work colleagues, customers, business partners, and suppliers. We aim to build and nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are agile and responsive and aim to anticipate our customer’s needs to provide optimum solutions. Everyone in our organisation contributes to the quality of the relationships we build and we actively seek feedback.

Innovation gives us competitive advantage. We promote collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business. We encourage our people to challenge established practices to drive innovation and efficiency. Through expediting customer feedback we strive to provide optimum fit-for-purpose solutions through experience and continuous improvement.

Being socially responsible is integral to what we do. We aim to make a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. We prioritise the hiring and development of local people and work with local supply chains where we can.

We are proud of our reputation, built over many years, which depends on us consistently doing the right thing. We build trust and act with honesty. We comply with our Business Ethics Policy, management system and all local rules and regulations in the countries in which we operate. We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility. We investigate all violations and complaints and take appropriate action.